What Channel Is Unimas On Directv?

Find Unimas on DIRECTV with channel guide and listings.

Welcome to the world of Spanish entertainment on DIRECTV! In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the details of UniMas, covering the UniMas channel number, DIRECTV UniMas lineup, how to watch UniMas on DIRECTV, UniMas subscription options, and the DIRECTV channel guide for UniMas. Elevate your entertainment experience in Spanish with our expert insights and recommendations.

UniMas Channel Number on DIRECTV

UniMas Channel Locator

UniMás, the go-to channel for Spanish-language programming, can be found on DIRECTV. To tune in, locate UniMas using the following channel number:

  • Channel Number: Discover UniMas on DIRECTV by navigating to Channel 408.

Channel Name

Channel Number




DIRECTV UniMas Lineup

Diverse Spanish Programming

Explore the rich DIRECTV UniMas lineup, offering a diverse array of Spanish-language content. From telenovelas to sports and news, the DIRECTV UniMas lineup caters to every taste, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Watch UniMas on DIRECTV

Easy Access and Viewing Pleasure

Wondering how to watch UniMas on DIRECTV? It's simple! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Tune In: Go to Channel 408 on your DIRECTV receiver.
  2. Enjoy: Dive into a world of captivating Spanish entertainment.
  3. Explore: Navigate through a variety of shows and genres to find your favorites.

UniMas Subscription on DIRECTV

Elevate Your Entertainment

Enhance your DIRECTV experience by adding a UniMas subscription to your package. Immerse yourself in the best of Spanish-language TV, including exclusive shows, news, and sports.

DirecTV Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT 75+ $64.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
CHOICE™ 105+ $84.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
ULTIMATE 140+ $109.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
PREMIER™ 150+ $154.99/mo. Call to Order Now!

DIRECTV Channel Guide for UniMas

Navigate Seamlessly

Make the most of your DIRECTV subscription with the comprehensive channel guide for UniMas. Easily find what you're looking for with detailed program information and schedules.

Q: Can I watch UniMas on DIRECTV without a subscription?

A: While some channels may be available without a subscription, a UniMas subscription on DIRECTV ensures access to the full range of Spanish-language programming.

Q: Are there any special packages for Spanish channels on DIRECTV?

A: Yes, DIRECTV offers special packages that include a variety of Spanish channels, including UniMás. Explore these packages for a customized Spanish entertainment experience.

Q: Can I record UniMas shows on DIRECTV?

A: Absolutely! With a compatible DVR receiver, you can easily record your favorite UniMas shows and watch them at your convenience.

Q: What sports programming does UniMas offer on DIRECTV?

A: UniMas on DIRECTV brings you a mix of soccer, boxing, and other exciting sports. Check the schedule for upcoming matches and events.

Q: Is there a mobile app to watch UniMas on DIRECTV on the go?

A: Yes, the DIRECTV app allows you to stream UniMas and other channels on your mobile device, ensuring entertainment wherever you are.

Q: How often does the DIRECTV UniMas lineup change?

A: The lineup may undergo periodic updates to bring you fresh and engaging content. Stay tuned to the channel guide for the latest additions and changes.


Elevate your entertainment in Spanish with UniMas on DIRECTV. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a fan of telenovelas, or crave news in Spanish, DIRECTV UniMas has it all. Make the most of your subscription, explore the lineup, and enjoy a world of captivating Spanish programming.