What Channel Is Tv One On Directv?

TV One with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to the world of diverse entertainment, where TV One takes center stage. If you're a viewer seeking content that reflects global perspectives and diverse stories, finding TV One on DIRECTV is a must. Let's explore the seamless integration of TV One into the DIRECTV Channel Lineup and discover the channel number that connects you to a world of unique and inclusive programming.

TV One: Diverse Entertainment for a Global Audience

TV One is not just a television network; it's a platform that celebrates diversity and provides a voice to underrepresented communities. With a focus on African American culture and entertainment, TV One offers a unique viewing experience for a global audience.

The Significance of Niche Television Networks

Niche television networks like TV One play a crucial role in catering to specific interests and cultural perspectives. They contribute to a more inclusive media landscape by showcasing stories that resonate with diverse audiences.

DIRECTV's Inclusive Approach to Channel Offerings

DIRECTV, known for its comprehensive channel offerings, embraces diversity by including networks like TV One in its lineup. This commitment ensures that subscribers have access to a broad range of content that reflects the richness of global culture.

TV One Channel Number on DIRECTV

To locate TV One on DIRECTV, tune in to DIRECTV Channel 328. This is your dedicated spot for accessing TV One's diverse programming, including original series, movies, and documentaries that celebrate African American culture and beyond.

Channel Name

Channel Number

TV One Network



Navigating the DIRECTV TV One Channel Lineup

Once you've tuned in to Channel 328, explore the diverse lineup that TV One offers on DIRECTV. From compelling dramas to thought-provoking documentaries, TV One provides a well-rounded viewing experience.

What Channel is TV One on DIRECTV?

TV One is prominently featured on DIRECTV at Channel 328. Easily locate this channel to immerse yourself in the diverse and inclusive content that TV One brings to your television screen.

Staying Informed: TV One TV Schedule on DIRECTV

Stay informed about the TV One TV schedule on DIRECTV. Whether it's premieres of original series or special events, the TV schedule ensures you never miss a moment of TV One's unique programming.

DIRECTV Channel Guide for TV One

DIRECTV provides a comprehensive channel guide for TV One, making it easy for subscribers to explore upcoming shows, events, and specials. Navigate effortlessly and plan your entertainment lineup with TV One.

DirecTV Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT 75+ $64.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
CHOICEâ„¢ 105+ $84.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
ULTIMATE 140+ $109.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
PREMIERâ„¢ 150+ $154.99/mo. Call to Order Now!

Enhancing Your Entertainment with TV One on DIRECTV

Discover the advantages of having TV One on DIRECTV. The channel's inclusion adds a dose of diversity, cultural richness, and unique storytelling to your entertainment choices.

User Experience and Interface

DIRECTV ensures a user-friendly interface for accessing TV One. Navigate effortlessly, personalize your watchlist, and enjoy a tailored entertainment journey with a seamless user experience.

Exclusive TV One Content on DIRECTV

Explore exclusive TV One content on DIRECTV, from acclaimed original series to impactful documentaries that highlight the experiences and stories of underrepresented communities.

Tips for an Optimal TV One Viewing Experience

Optimize your TV One viewing experience with tips and tricks. From adjusting settings for optimal video quality to exploring interactive features, make the most of your diverse entertainment moments with TV One.


In conclusion, finding TV One on DIRECTV at Channel 328 is your gateway to a world of diverse and inclusive entertainment. Dive into the rich stories and perspectives offered by TV One for a unique and enriching viewing experience.

Q1: Is TV One available on all DIRECTV subscription plans?

Yes, TV One is included in most DIRECTV subscription plans, ensuring widespread access to its diverse and inclusive programming.

Q2: Can I watch TV One on-demand with my DIRECTV subscription?

Yes, DIRECTV offers on-demand access to TV One content, allowing you to catch up on your favorite shows at your convenience.

Q3: Are there specific genres featured on TV One?

TV One features a diverse range of genres, including dramas, documentaries, and original series that celebrate African American culture and storytelling.

Q4: Can I access TV One on multiple devices with my DIRECTV subscription?

Yes, enjoy the flexibility of accessing TV One on various devices, including your DIRECTV set-top box, smart TV, and the DIRECTV app.

Q5: Are there international perspectives featured on TV One?

While TV One primarily focuses on African American culture, it may include international perspectives in certain documentaries and special features.