What Channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

Find Lifetime Channel Number - DirecTV Programming Schedule.

If you are a fan of heartwarming movies, captivating dramas, and engaging reality shows, then Lifetime Channel is undoubtedly one of your favorites. With its diverse range of programming, it has become a staple in many households. However, if you are a DirecTV subscriber or considering switching to DirecTV, you might wonder: "What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?" In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details of how to access Lifetime on DirecTV, the channel number, and the best DirecTV packages available. So, let's get started!

Is it Possible to Get Lifetime on DirecTV?

Lifetime Channel Availability on DirecTV Explained

Many viewers, especially those who have recently subscribed to DirecTV or are contemplating it, often inquire about Lifetime Channel's availability on this satellite television service. The answer is an emphatic yes! DirecTV includes Lifetime Channel in its channel lineup, providing viewers the opportunity to indulge in their favorite shows and movies without missing a beat.

What is Lifetime Channel Number on DirecTV?

Locating Lifetime Channel on DirecTV is a breeze! The channel number may vary based on your location, but fret not, we've got you covered. To access Lifetime Channel on DirecTV, all you need to do is tune in to channel 252. Remember to add it to your favorites list so that you can effortlessly navigate to it whenever you desire captivating entertainment.

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Lifetime on DirecTV



Buy Best DirecTV Packages Today

Are you considering subscribing to DirecTV? The good news is that you can easily customize your DirecTV package to include Lifetime Channel and a plethora of other channels that cater to your interests. DirecTV offers various package options, each packed with exciting entertainment choices.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or a fan of reality TV, DirecTV has a package tailored to suit your preferences. Let's explore some of the best DirecTV packages you can choose from:

  1. DirecTV ENTERTAINMENT Package

The ENTERTAINMENT package is an excellent option for those seeking an economical choice with a diverse range of channels. Enjoy more than 160 channels, including Lifetime, and access to regional sports networks.

  1. DirecTV CHOICE Package

For a broader selection of channels, the CHOICE package is the way to go. With over 185 channels, including Lifetime, this package also offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET for football enthusiasts.

  1. DirecTV ULTIMATE Package

If you crave a comprehensive channel lineup, the ULTIMATE package is your best bet. Boasting more than 250 channels, including Lifetime, this package offers premium movie networks like HBO, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

  1. DirecTV PREMIER Package

For the ultimate television experience, the PREMIER package is unparalleled. With over 330 channels, including Lifetime, and premium networks, this package leaves no room for disappointment.

DirecTV Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT 75+ $64.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
CHOICEâ„¢ 105+ $84.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
ULTIMATE 140+ $109.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
PREMIERâ„¢ 150+ $154.99/mo. Call to Order Now!

No matter which DirecTV package you choose, rest assured that Lifetime Channel will be a part of your entertainment journey.

Popular Shows on Lifetime

Lifetime Channel is renowned for its captivating and compelling shows that cater to a diverse audience. Here are some of the most popular shows you wouldn't want to miss:

  1. Married at First Sight

This reality TV series explores the concept of arranged marriages, where couples meet for the first time on their wedding day. Follow their journeys as they navigate through married life.

  1. Project Runway

Fashion enthusiasts will be enthralled by this reality competition series, where aspiring fashion designers showcase their creativity and talent to win the coveted title.

  1. Dance Moms

Step into the world of competitive dance and witness the intense interactions between dance instructors, students, and their mothers.

  1. Little Women: Atlanta

This reality series follows the lives of a group of friends who happen to be little women, showcasing their dreams, aspirations, and challenges.

  1. You

Delve into the intriguing world of psychological thrillers with "You," a gripping series that explores the dangerous side of obsession and love.

How to Get Lifetime on DirecTV?

To get Lifetime Channel on DirecTV, follow these easy steps:

Subscribe to DirecTV: If you are not a DirecTV subscriber, you will need to sign up for their satellite television service.

Choose Your Preferred Package: Select the DirecTV package that best suits your entertainment needs. Ensure that Lifetime Channel is included in the package you choose.

Set Up Your DirecTV Receiver: After subscribing, the DirecTV receiver will be delivered to your doorstep. Follow the provided instructions to set it up and activate your service.

Tune In to Channel 252: Once your receiver is activated, use your DirecTV remote to tune in to channel 252 to access Lifetime Channel.

Enjoy Lifetime's Diverse Programming: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the captivating shows and movies Lifetime Channel has to offer!


Q: Can I watch Lifetime Channel on DirecTV without a subscription?

A: No, Lifetime Channel is not available for viewing on DirecTV without a subscription. You need an active DirecTV subscription with the channel included in your package.

Q: Can I record Lifetime shows on DirecTV?

A: Absolutely! If you have a Genie HD DVR or a compatible DVR receiver, you can easily record your favorite Lifetime shows and movies to watch at your convenience.

Q: Is Lifetime Channel available in high definition (HD) on DirecTV?

A: Yes, Lifetime Channel is available in HD on DirecTV. Enjoy enhanced picture quality and immerse yourself in a superior viewing experience.

Q: Can I stream Lifetime Channel on DirecTV's streaming services?

A: Yes, you can stream Lifetime Channel through the DirecTV app or DirecTV's streaming service. Simply log in with your DirecTV credentials to access the content.

Q: What are the different add-ons available with DirecTV packages?

A: DirecTV offers various add-ons such as premium movie channels (HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME), sports packages, international channels, and more. You can customize your package by adding these extras.

Q: Is Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) included with Lifetime Channel on DirecTV?

A: Yes, Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) is typically included in the same package as Lifetime Channel on DirecTV. You can enjoy both channels with one subscription.


In conclusion, Lifetime Channel is indeed available on DirecTV, ensuring that you won't miss any of your favorite shows and movies. By choosing the right DirecTV package, you can indulge in a plethora of entertainment options while enjoying Lifetime Channel's heartwarming and captivating programming. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Lifetime Channel and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.