What Channel is Investigation Discovery on DISH Network?

Discover DISH Network's Investigation Discovery (ID) channel number now!

If you're a fan of captivating true crime stories, thrilling mysteries, and compelling investigations, you must be eager to know where to find Investigation Discovery (ID) on DISH Network. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about accessing the channel, its availability in different DISH Network packages, channel numbers, popular shows, and how to get it. Let's dive in!

Is Investigation Discovery available in all DISH Network Packages?

Investigation Discovery (ID) is indeed available in most DISH Network packages, ensuring you won't miss out on your favorite crime documentaries and suspenseful series. Whether you're subscribed to the basic packages or the premium ones, you can enjoy the riveting content offered by this channel. It's widely accessible, making it a popular choice among DISH Network subscribers.

What Channel is Investigation Discovery on DISH Hopper?

If you're using the DISH Hopper DVR system, finding Investigation Discovery is a breeze. The channel is usually found on channel number 192 on the DISH Hopper. So, get ready to uncover captivating mysteries and immerse yourself in gripping crime stories with just the press of a button!

What Channel is Investigation Discovery on DISH Network?

The Investigation Discovery Channel is available on Dish Network on 192.

For those who don't have the DISH Hopper, you can still easily find Investigation Discovery on DISH Network. The channel number for Investigation Discovery typically varies depending on your location and the specific DISH Network package you subscribe to. On average, you can find Investigation Discovery in the range of channel numbers 192 to 199.

Channel Name

Channel Number



 DISH Network Packages Existing Customer

DISH Network offers a variety of packages tailored to cater to different entertainment preferences and budgets. From basic packages with a good selection of channels to premium packages with extensive channel lineups, DISH Network has something for everyone. Some of the popular packages include:

  • America's Top 120: This is one of the entry-level packages that offers a wide range of entertainment channels, including Investigation Discovery.

  • America's Top 200: With this package, you get additional channels, including sports, movies, and more, along with Investigation Discovery.

  • America's Top 250: This package further expands your channel options, providing even more entertainment choices, including Investigation Discovery.
DISH Network Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
America’s Top 120 190 Channel $79.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
America’s Top 120+ 190+ Channel $94.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
America’s Top 200 240+ Channel $99.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
America’s Top 250 290+ Channel $109.99/mo. Call to Order Now!

Popular Shows on Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery (ID) is renowned for its gripping and addictive shows that explore real-life crime stories and mysteries. Some of the popular shows that keep viewers on the edge of their seats include:

  • Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Follow the career of retired detective Joe Kenda as he recounts his most challenging homicide cases.
  • Disappeared: Dive into the perplexing cases of missing persons and the relentless efforts to find them.
  • Evil Lives Here: Hear chilling stories from family members of notorious criminals and their struggles to cope with their dark legacies.
How to Get Investigation Discovery on DISH Network?

If you're excited to start watching Investigation Discovery (ID) on DISH Network, here's how you can get access to this captivating channel:

  • Choose a DISH Network Package: To get Investigation Discovery, first, select a DISH Network package that includes the channel. As mentioned earlier, most packages offer Investigation Discovery, so you'll have several options to choose from.
  • Contact DISH Network: Once you've decided on a package, reach out to DISH Network through their website or customer service hotline. They will guide you through the subscription process and ensure you have access to the channels you desire.
  • Installation: After subscribing, a DISH Network technician will schedule an installation appointment at your convenience. They will set up the necessary equipment, including the satellite dish and receivers, to ensure smooth and uninterrupted access to Investigation Discovery.
  • Enjoy Your Shows: Once everything is set up, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite Investigation Discovery shows and documentaries.

Investigation Discovery is a must-have channel for true crime enthusiasts and anyone fascinated by real-life mysteries. Whether you're using the DISH Hopper or another DISH Network package, you can easily access this thrilling channel. With various packages to choose from, you can tailor your DISH Network subscription to meet your entertainment preferences. So, don't miss out on the gripping stories and suspenseful investigations – subscribe to DISH Network and get ready for a captivating TV experience!


Q: Can I get Investigation Discovery on the DISH Network without the DISH Hopper?

A: Yes, you can! Investigation Discovery is available in most DISH Network packages, so you can enjoy the channel even without the DISH Hopper.

Q: What package should I choose to get Investigation Discovery on DISH Network?

A: Investigation Discovery is available in several DISH Network packages, including America's Top 120, America's Top 200, and America's Top 250.

Q: What channel number is Investigation Discovery (ID) on DISH Network?

A: The channel number for Investigation Discovery typically falls within the range of 192 to 199, depending on your location and package.

Q: Are there any popular shows on Investigation Discovery?

A: Yes, there are many popular shows on Investigation Discovery, such as "Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda," "Disappeared," and "Evil Lives Here."

Q: Can I access Investigation Discovery online through DISH Network?

A: Yes, you can! DISH Network offers online streaming options that allow you to watch Investigation Discovery on various devices.

Q: Is DISH Network available nationwide?

A: Yes, DISH Network coverage extends across the United States, so you can subscribe to their services almost anywhere.