What Channel is History Channel on DISH Network?

History Channel on DISH Network: Channel Guide and Schedule

If you're a history enthusiast and a DISH Network subscriber, you might be wondering, "What channel is History Channel on DISH Network?" History Channel is a popular network that offers a wide range of intriguing and informative historical content. In this comprehensive article, we will explore everything you need to know about finding and enjoying History Channel on DISH Network.

Is History Channel available in all Dish Network packages?

Before we dive into the channel number, it's essential to address whether History Channel is available in all DISH Network packages. The good news is that History Channel is included in most DISH Network packages, ensuring that history buffs across various subscription tiers can access its exciting content.

What Channel is History Channel on DISH Hopper?

If you are a DISH Hopper user, you'll be pleased to know that the channel number for History Channel is consistent across all DISH Network receivers. Whether you have the latest Hopper model or an older version, you can find History Channel without any hassle.

What Channel Number is History Channel on Dish Network?

History Channel is widely popular and readily accessible on DISH Network. To tune in to this fascinating channel, simply set your DISH receiver to channel 120. Regardless of the DISH package you have, channel 120 will grant you access to History Channel's captivating historical documentaries, shows, and specials.

Channel Name

Channel Number

The History Channel HD


The History Channel SD


DISH Network Packages Existing Customer

For existing DISH Network customers, it's essential to understand the various packages and upgrades available to you. DISH offers a range of packages to cater to different preferences, including America's Top 120, America's Top 200, America's Top 250, and more. Existing customers can explore these options and choose the package that best aligns with their interests and budget.

DISH Network Plan Channels Package Price Subscribe
America’s Top 120 190 Channel $79.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
America’s Top 120+ 190+ Channel $94.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
America’s Top 200 240+ Channel $99.99/mo. Call to Order Now!
America’s Top 250 290+ Channel $109.99/mo. Call to Order Now!

Popular Shows on History Channel

History Channel boasts an impressive lineup of shows that cater to a diverse audience. Here are some of the most popular shows on History Channel:

Ancient Aliens: This thought-provoking series explores the possibility of extraterrestrial influence on ancient civilizations.

Vikings: Dive into the world of Norse warriors and their epic adventures in this historical drama.

Pawn Stars: Follow the exciting transactions and unique items that come through the doors of a famous pawn shop.

The Curse of Oak Island: Join the search for hidden treasures and the mystery surrounding Oak Island.

Forged in Fire: Watch talented bladesmiths compete to create exceptional edged weapons from history.

American Pickers: Two antique experts travel the country in search of valuable and rare collectibles.

The Food That Built America: Delve into the fascinating history of iconic American food brands and their creators.

These shows represent just a glimpse of the rich and diverse content that History Channel has to offer.

How to Get History Channel on DISH Network?

For those who are new to DISH Network or want to add History Channel to their current package, here's how you can get access to this historical treasure trove:

Explore DISH Packages: Visit the DISH Network website or contact their customer service to explore the different packages available.

Select Your Preferred Package: Choose the DISH package that includes History Channel and aligns with your viewing preferences.

Upgrade Your Package: If History Channel is not included in your current package, you can upgrade to a higher tier that offers the channel.

Once you've completed these steps, you'll be all set to enjoy the captivating content on History Channel.


In conclusion, History Channel is an essential destination for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike. With its diverse range of shows and documentaries, History Channel offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, present, and future. For DISH Network subscribers, tuning in to History Channel is as simple as turning your TV to channel 120. Whether you're an existing customer or new to DISH Network, you can find the package that suits your preferences and includes History Channel. So, immerse yourself in the world of history with DISH Network and History Channel.


Q: How can I find History Channel on DISH Network?

A: History Channel can be found on channel 120 on DISH Network.

Q: Is History Channel available in all DISH Network packages?

A: Yes, History Channel is included in most DISH Network packages, so you can enjoy it regardless of your subscription tier.

Q: What are some popular shows on History Channel?

A: Some popular shows on History Channel include "Ancient Aliens," "Vikings," "Pawn Stars," "The Curse of Oak Island," and "Forged in Fire."

Q: Can existing DISH Network customers upgrade their packages to include History Channel?

A: Yes, existing customers can upgrade to a package that includes History Channel to access its content.

Q: How can I add History Channel to my current DISH Network package?

A: To add History Channel to your current package, you can explore DISH Network's website or contact their customer service for assistance.

Q: Is "The Food That Built America" available on History Channel?

A: Yes, "The Food That Built America" is one of the popular shows featured on History Channel.