Make your DIRECTV guide for today

  • Posted on: 01 Nov 2022
    Make your DIRECTV guide for today

  • Are you looking for something to watch on TV today? Check out the DirecTV guide for today. This guide includes all the channels and programming that are available on DirecTV today. You can use this guide to plan your day or evening of television watching. The DirecTV guide is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for new listings. 

    When you press the Channel Down button on your remote to go down a full page at once, there's an easy way for us viewers out here who want faster guides. But hey--it’s definitely not bad! If anything, it might give some people more time when they're trying hard enough to enjoy their TV show or movie without being distracted by other tasks like cooking dinner.

    Turning off animations on older (non-Genie) devices)

    1. Press MENU.
    2. Arrow down to “Settings & Help” and press SELECT.
    3. Make sure “Settings” is highlighted and press SELECT.
    4. Arrow to “Display” and press SELECT.
    5. Make sure “Preferences” is highlighted.

    When scrolling effects are enabled, you can change the arrowheads on your TV screen to make navigating easier. If this option is selected and worked correctly it will appear as follows: selecting “SCROLL” from within the settings menu; pressing, SELECT once more than the desired setting has been confirmed with an Okay (or OK) button press - leaving us at live tv OR going straight into guide mode by pressing GUIDE instead of EXIT while still inside preferences area.

    Turning off animations on Genie DVRs and clients

    1. Press MENU.
    2. Arrow down to “Settings” and press SELECT.
    3. Arrow to “Display” and press SELECT.
    4. Make sure “Preferences” is highlighted.

    Click on the “Scrolling Effects” option at the lower right to turn them off. Highlight your choice and press SELECT one more time for a direct entrance into live TV or guide mode, whichever you prefer!

    Is it worth it?

    The time it takes to scroll through the guide is practically nothing, but if you’ve felt like looking at a screen full of text can be an incredible chore then this might help just enough. You'll have decided for yourself whether or not getting information from one page instead sounds worthwhile!

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