Best Internet Plans and Discounts for Seniors

  • Posted on: 03 Jul 2024
    Best Internet Plans and Discounts for Seniors

  • Best Internet Plans and Discounts for Seniors

    Having internet access at home can greatly enhance life in one’s senior years and make it more fulfilled and happy. Internet is a powerful tool that helps make different communications, purchase products and services, obtain entertainment and information, and take care of family’s finances and health. Fortunately, it is quite possible to find many internet service provider companies offering special offers for seniors on home internet connection. Below are some of the most suitable internet plans and promotions for senior citizens in need of the internet to enhance their lives.

    AT&T Internet Basics

    Wireless voice services: AT&T provides the Internet Basics plan to those households with at least one member who receives the SNAP benefits at $10 per month. This plan gives access to the internet with download speed of not less than 10 Mbps, which is very helpful. It may be said that although the plan is available to all SNAP participants, it is a great low-cost option for seniors in particular.

    Comcast Internet Essentials

    Internet Essentials from Comcast offers affordable High-Speed Internet with the best value package that costs $9.95 per month plus tax. The plan is definitely for low-income seniors and families. Downstream, it provides internet speeds of 25 Mbit per second and above. In order to be considered for the food pantry, you must be 65 years and age and/or disabled and a recipient of SSI disability benefits, Public Housing, SNAP benefits, Medicaid or similar assistance programs.

    Spectrum Internet Assist

    Low-income seniors can only afford internet at $17.99 per month and this is provided by Spectrum under the Internet Assist program. Monthly plans and the best wireless offer have no data caps, required contracts, or other hidden fees besides possible taxes and equipment costs. Apparently, qualified seniors just require evidence of their engagement in specific public assistance programs. Internet speeds range from 30 Mbps up to 50 Mbps with 20 GB data limit.

    Mediacom Connect2Compete

    Mediacom developed a Connect2Compete plan that offers home internet connection for only $9.95 monthly to every home that has at least one person aged 65 years or older, and is enrolled in SNAP, TANF, or NSLP. Some extra services that can be added, for example, in-home Wi-Fi, will cost only $2 more per month. The fastest broadband connection is 25 mb per second, that is just enough for general use of the Internet such as browsing, emailing, making video calls and streaming.

    AT&T Access from AARP

    AT&T has teamed with AARP, whereby eligible low income seniors get internet at $20 per month or less, depending on the maximum internet speed possible in the customer’s location. Some of the speeds and prices MidEast offers are up to 3 Mbps for $20 per month, up to 10 Mbps for only $30 per month and up to 25 Mbps for $45 per month.

    Cox Connect2Compete

    The internet service, Connect2Compete, from Cox Communications offers home internet of up to 50 Mbps for $ 19.99 per month. To be eligible for assistance, qualified seniors simply have to prove that they are active beneficiaries of public assistance programs. They also get a free internet modem when joining the plan and can connect to more than 3 million hotspots of free WiFi when they are out of their homes.

    Optimum Advantage Internet

    Currently, Altice’s Optimum & Suddenlink cable providers offer low-income seniors residing in their service area a cheaper home internet service called Optimum Advantage Internet. Another plan is available for $14.99/month and it comes with download speeds of 30 Mbps. All you have to prove is that you are already eligible for any government benefit now, including SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Housing Assistance, VA Pension, and other similar government programs.

    Verizon Fios Forward Discount

    Seniors with qualifying benefit can get Fios home internet from Verizon with speed up to 300 Mbps for $39.99 per month, however, with unlimited usage. The applicants must submit documents proving that they receive special benefits such as SNAP, WIC, FPHA, Medicaid, SSI, VA pension, and more. Verizon also provides for a cheaper price of $20 per month for speeds up to 5 Mbps.

    Xfinity Internet Essentials

    To avail of the internet service, Xfinity offers seniors Internet Essentials package for $9.95 per month plus tax for those who do not have any other qualifying Xfinity services. Although it varies by state, the plan targets households with at least one member 65 years old or over who receives SSI disability benefits, Medicaid, SNAP benefits, funds from the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, VA pension, or similar public aid

    Other providers also provide or subsidize cheap tablets or laptops for the elderly to go online. Today, people with reduced income may get numerous plans for a considerably lower price than before, so internet services are accessible to qualified seniors. Try contacting various providers to find out more about the procedure for enrollment and possible offers.

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